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    Installing production server

    Lucas Brito

      Hi, I am trying to install the production instance of our core server.

      I created the clean backup of the dev server on the old server box, and installed tableau on the new prod box.

      In order to transfer all my files/workbooks/users/permissions to the new server, do i just need to copy the backup inside the new bin folder and type tabadmin restore, or am i missing some steps?


      Thank you

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          vikram bandarupalli

          Hi Lucas,


          Copy the .tsbak( backup copy) inside bin and run the following commands on the new prod server


          1) tabadmin stop

          2) tabadmin cleanup - Not required, just to cleanup any log files from

          3) tabadmin restore --no-config "backup file.tsbak"(without quotes) -- No config will just copy the Postgres data( along with permissions, users, workbooks.) except the dev instance name which

          Once completed,

          4) tabadmin restart


          Good to go.


          PS: make sure the licenses are copied( it should, but i'd recheck). Something, if the licenses don't copy, the users might be unlicensed in the new server.