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    Is there a way to configure Tableau, so new filter options will not be included in the already saved custom views?

    Marcio Andreeta

      When refreshing the data extracts, sometimes a new filter options will be included in the database (for example, a new quarter in the Quarters filter).


      We noticed that when that happens the default behavior is for the new options to be included the saved custom views. For example, if a user had selected Q1/2013, Q2/2013, Q3/2013, Q4/2013,  when we upload new data for Q4/2014 and refresh the extract. That view will change to show Q1/2013, Q2/2013, Q3/2013, Q4/2013 and Q4/2014. Which is undesirable in some cases. Is there a configuration somewhere that will prevent this and keep only the options that user had selected?