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    How long is history in accessed_at field?

    Eric McDonald

      You can use the standard Space Usage dashboard to identify large data sources and workbooks. Here's how:


      1. Click on the Space Usage tab
      2. Select one of the Projects in the Space Used By Project panel (top right)
      3. In the pop-up dialog select View Data icon
      4. Click on Underlying and select Show all columns


      The Created on field shows when the workbook or data source was created but what does the accesssd_at column show? In some cases this shows a date and in some cases Null which suggest some of the workbooks have never been viewed which is almost certainly incorrect. I'm guessing tableau only keeps history for a limited period of time but for how long? Is this field Null if the workbook hasn't been accessed within the current history?


      Note: You can actually select all Projects in the panel mentioned in 2. above then use 3. and 4. to download all data and visualise space by Site, Project, ...etc. I know you can now do this using the readonly user but this is a quick and easy alternative.


      See: http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#adminview_postgres.htm?Highlight=history

      Is 183 days the answer?