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    Two url actions on same row

    Thibault Rodriguez

      Hi there,


      My problem seems obvious, all the same I spent hours trying to solve it out without unsuccessfully... Maybe someone can help.


      I have a datasource with only one row : the name of cities.

      In my dashboard I would like to have for each city (in row) a link to the Wikipedia page of the city and a link to the Google search page of the city (for the sake of the example). Each url must be attached to a specific shape - let say a circle for Google and a square for Wiki (don't ask me why ) i.e. if I click on the shape I am redirected to the web page into my browser.


      In the packaged workbook attached, the link to Google in done and there is a calculated field called "Wiki Url" that has to be added to the dashboard with the right url action on it.


      If someone has a idea it would be great


      Thank you.