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    Unexpected error / Unspecified error on published and embedded dashboard

    Carlos Gomes

      After upgrading Tableau server from 8.0.5 to 8.2.2, we started getting an "Unexpected Error" message, every now and then. It shows up at every dashboard published. We embed them in Sharepoint pages.


      The error won't show up when the dash is viewed over Tableau Server directly. But this is not a work around. We (unfortunately) need Sharepoint.


      I tried to upgrade the data extracts, re-publish the dashboard, re embed it at the Sharepoint page. And the error message (attached) keeps popping up. It is driving everyone crazy around here.


      I went through many discussion threads but couldn't find one pointing to exactly the same error...could anyone share any insight?


      Many thanks,



      unspecified error Server.png

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          Carlos Gomes

          An update: The specified item was not found. contacted me on this and we manage to figure out what was happening:


          1) The issue happened only when visualizing the dashboards embedded in Sharepoint, and via IE10. All good when using Chrome, or when accessing the dash directly from Tableau Server;

          2) The problem seems to be around compatibility between IE standards and sharepoint's webpart standards.The latter followed IE8 standards, while users have IE10.

          3) For some reason, this incompatibility didn't seem to bother the dashboard performance while on Tableau Server 8.0. But after upgrading to 8.2.2, it became an issue. I still don't know why, and neither Tableau Support does.


          Workaround: adjust browser or document standards so they match. To do so, press F12 on IE10. and on the console menu, change "Browser Mode" or "Document Mode" to adjust the standards.


          It is a specific use of Tableau, but I hope this can be of help.