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    Javascript API and event listeners for dashboard actions

    Emma Whyte



      I'm am building a series of dashboards that are to be embedded on a webpage utilising the Javascript API for navigation between dashboards. Part of this navigation is to create a "back" button which takes the user back to the previous dashboard they viewed, preserving any currently applied filters as well.


      I am also using dashboard actions where appropriate for navigation within a workbook.


      Is there any way the API can use an event listener for the dashboard actions? For example I have a dashboard action on a bar chart that takes me to a different dashboard when clicked. I need to the API to capture this tabswitch event from the dashboard action, but this doesn't seem to be the case?


      I've also tried Russell Christopher's awesome API tool, but can't seem to find anything there or in the documentation. Thoughts & ideas welcome!


      Many thanks,



      Russell Christopher