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    Long server load time, for fast local workbook


      Hi all-


      I use Tableau x64 desktop version 8.2.4


      I've been using Tableau with a server-side data source, but have a new project that requires using an Excel data source. The source file has three sheets (only two of which are used).


      Sheet1: List of employees, 1000 rows, 18 columns (mostly demographic data).

      Sheet2: Some lookup lists, not used in this report

      Sheet3: T&E records, almost 80,000 rows, 11 columns. Contains employee ID#, expense type, expense amount, etc.


      Each expense can only be attributed to one employee. I have the employee table as the primary, with a left join to the expenses. I also think I've extracted the data, as evidenced by this icon on my data source:


      The problem:

      There are four worksheets and 2 dashboards in the report. On desktop (from opening the file), it takes less than a second to show either dashboard. Perfect.


      When I publish to our server, the preview takes about 45 seconds the first time it loads.If I close and re-open the browser, I get the same load lag.


      Earlier I had multiple copies of the (same) data source while testing different scenarios. I removed all the duplicate copies now that I think I have a working report. I'd swear that I had previously seen a prompt to publish the workbook with the extract, but I am not seeing that now when I republish, even when I publish under a new name instead of overwriting the previous server version.


      I also used the menu option:

      Data/[MyExtract]/Publish to server

      To try to verify/ensure that the data source was on the server, but that had no impact on server load time via the browser.


      What are the next most logical steps for troubleshooting?

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Keith R,


          I am moving this to Server Admin section of the forums where someone is more likely to assist.


          I'm also curious if this issue occurs for all views using this data source?  For all views regardless of data source? and any other information to help narrow down the source of the lag. Oh and what version of Tableau Desktop and Server are in use?



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            Desktop and server are v8.2.


            When clicking on the workbook (on the server), I can choose from three sheets, all of which experience the lag (whichever one is loaded first). For example, if I load sheet1 first, it takes 20+ seconds but then switching to the other sheets is at most a few seconds. If I close it out and start from scratch with sheet2, it takes 20+ seconds to load, but then Sheet1 only takes a few seconds at most to load.


            views from other data sources (like SQL server) do not experience the same lag. The source data is being extracted from an Excel 2010 (x32) workbook.


            Thanks for any advice!

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              vikram bandarupalli

              keith, Where is the excel source located? Are you using an extract of the excel?


              Is this what you're doing?

              -Connecting to an excel source

              -Creating an extract

              -Creating your workbook

              -Publish to the server


              Here is the reason why the load time more,

              When you open a workbook which is published on the server, the server is trying to open the workbook from the extract which is located on your desktop. The server keeps trying to locate your extract and certain points gives up and loads what's in the memory. This is where the lag appears.


              The best way to work with excel as source is to make sure you give the UNC path when you publish the workbook. Make sure the UNC path is where you tableau server can ping and reach quickly.


              If you can't place the excel in a shared location, you can do the following,

              1) Open the workbook which is connected to the excel

              2) Create an extract, generally created in you local machine.

              3) Now you have connect to the extract

              4) Replace the datasource to use the extract

              5) publish the workbook and use the option use external files option


              you're dashboard should load very quickly.


              PS: once the extract is created, you can publish the extract to the server and connect the workbook to the extract. This should also increase the load time.