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    Tableau HTML Reading from SQL Comment

    Blake Summers



      I am currently working on a "comments" section for my users to interact with once a report has been refreshed. These users do not have Tableau access. They will be viewing these reports using Tableau Reader. I want them to be able to insert comments while keeping the functionality of Tableau Reader.


      To solve this, I created a C# web form that populates a SQL Server database. The Tableau dashboard then hits that table and pulls back the "comments" column. That functionality all works. However, I have not found a way for users to format those comments. They need to be able to bold, underline, and user bullets in the comments section.


      My first thought was to have the commenters use HTML tags to format text, but from what I have found, Tableau does not include the ability to read/format HTML code. Does anyone know if this is the case? Are there any workarounds anyone can think of to format text without actually using text boxes in Tableau?