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    Dashboard Performance

    Daniel Vincent

      Currently we have a poor performing dashboard which we know is due to a live connection (poor performing query & data host.)


      The dashboard contains about 5 tabs/views within the workbook.  4 of those are extracts and run fine when published.  The introduction of the new tab with the live connection renders the entire dashboard effectively too slow for user consumption.  The dashboard is published with one of the tabs using only the extracted data source as the first page.  My understanding is that the live connection impact is only felt when that particular view is accessed. 


      My question, is should a live connection impact the entire dashboard/workbook even though it's not being rendered/accessed?  Or is it considered being accessed no matter what even if it's not the active sheet?




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          Ben Neville

          I'm assuming by "tab" you mean a new dashboard or sheet, not just a sheet that exists in your dashboard? Are you publishing with "Show Sheets as Tabs" selected? If so, I would recommend benchmarking this against a workbook without tabs being published and see if this improves your load times.

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            Daniel Vincent

            Hey Ben...thanks for the reply.


            Yes, each dashboard sheet is being published as a tab.  I'll get with the dashboard owner to test out (may take a bit due to other items.)

            However, are you thinking that if this works Tableau was considering all the tabs active?  Thus trying to query every one of the connections at once regardless of what dashboard sheet we were on when published. 


            If that is the thinking, it kind of goes against what I know about how a live connection impacts a dashboard.  Correct me if I'm wrong but a live connection impact should only be felt when that particular view is accessed.  A dashboard sheet/tab being surfaced when the workbook is published should not constitute as being accessed.  Rather, I would assume 'active' isn't until that sheet/tab is selected which then sends the query to the data source.      


            Or is that all just crazy thinking?

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              Ben Neville

              It's possible I am mistaken, but as I understand it, publishing sheets as tabs does not affect performance EXCEPT for the initial load of a view. I believe at this point we do something behind the scenes to open up a connection or load metadata. Subsequent clicks/filtering shouldn't be affected, as Tableau does nothing with the tabs after the first load.


              If the datasource is the same, there should be no performance hit. However, what you are describing sounds like 2 distinct connections, which may be the issue. I would suggest trying this without tabs to validate my suspicions.