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    how to organize/isolate tableau projects via access url

    Roberto Morales

      Sorry for the silly subject text - it's not easy to categorize what i am asking about...


      when you want your users to access a particular dashboard (or sets of dashboards) normal tableau server access to projects is like this:


      Tell a user to go to mytableausite.mycompany.com. Going there will present the user with one or multiple Sites, depending on the user's access rights. the user can then select the Site that contains their particular project or dashboard.

      You can direct users to the right neighborhood like this:


      and you can even deliver them to the front door of the workbook you want them to use/see like this:


      and you can even throw them in to the specific workbook like this:



      my question is can i set things up so that the one url i give my users does not give them other distracting options?i'm looking for something similar to an alias in a web server set up.




      lets say there are two sites:




      is it possible to set up tableau server to have


      resolve to



      or to configure tableau server to not show any other projects/sites, if someone comes to http://mytableausite.mycompany.com/t/mySiteName/workbooks



      i am assuming that there can be a server alias created that would replace http://myOTHERtableausite.mycompany.com/




      i am trying to get what looks like an independent site with out taxing the current tableau site admin. i would also like to avoid setting up a completely separate tableau server instance if possible, tho that is our last resort.


      thanks for any inputs :-)