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    Remotely accessing user/group permissions

    Bradley Evans

      We're in the process of building a website that will end up dynamically showing users reports that an associated Tableau account has access to. Up to this point, I've hacked together a solution using both the old REST API and trusted authentication. I'm pulling down a full list of sites from the API and then generating tickets for each site for the trusted auth user. Then, for each site that returns a valid ticket, I'm pulling down the list of all workbooks (again via API) and displaying each available workbook in a list that the user can select from.


      Everything up to this point works. Next, we need to be able to hide workbooks that the trusted auth user doesn't have access to within the same site (e.g. site A has workbooks B and C, but they only have access to B). Unfortunately, I can't seem to find where this type of information would be stored. I can't generate a ticket for a specific workbook since tickets are generated at the site level. Is there a "permissions.xml" similar to "sites.xml" and "workbooks.xml"? I checked the REST API documentation and it says that there is a "Query Workbook Permissions" API method, but it is only available in versions 9.0 and later and the latest available version is 8.2.5. Is the documentation referring to a different version? Is there a way to query workbook permissions otherwise?