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    What the user runs the CMD.EXE

    Arthur Lawrence Xavier

      I have GPO rules on my server that allow only the Administrators group to run the command cmd.exe

      I have given permission for the User Tableau service in charge "CMD.EXE" and did not work, only works when I give permission for all users (Everyone), however I can not do that.



      I need to know what the Tableau user that is using the command cmd.exe

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Arthur Lawrence Xavier,


          I am moving this question to the Tableau Server Admin group where someone is more likely to jump in and answer.




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            Vien Hua

            Hi Arthur,


            cmd.exe will run under the local user account and not the Tableau Server service account. With that, when you run a command like "tabadmin status", you'll see tabadmin.exe running in Task Manager and it's running under the local account as well (the account logged into Windows).


            I would recommend granting admin privileges to the account logged into Windows so they can make any necessary changes to Tableau Server.


            Let me know there are any questions!



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              Eric McDonald

              You can run cmd as any user you wish. Click on Start button and type cmd. Holding the SHIFT key down right-click on the cmd.exe which appears in Start menu list, Select Run as different user (or Run as administrator) and enter user and password credentials required. This will run a commend window as that user.

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                Sunil Tikar

                Get the administrative rights on server machine for either your id or for "run as user account id"  where tableau server installed (window server system) .Add either your's or  "run as user account" (which you have set to run tableau services ) to window server machine as administrator user. Logon to window server machine where tableau server installed with run as user account or by your credentials ( who ever has admin rights  )  and open cmd.

                tableau recommends to run tab cmd or tab admin commands as administrator .