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    Salesforce data not refreshing/updating

    Brittnie Beaman

      Hi- When we update opportunities in Salesforce (the profit & profit margin fields), it does not update in Tableau. I have clicked "Refresh" on the data connection and even waited a couple days to see if it need time to update. I have actually extracted the underlying data and found the profit fields and verified they are still blank in Tableau. Any suggestions? Tableau Desktop v8.2.2



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          Mark Fraser

          Hi Brittnie


          I assume you know that Salesforce profit has information/ data in those fields...


          Have you tried linking salesforce to a blank/ new Tableau workbook?

          If it populates properly then you know the problem is in the original workbook.

          If it still doesn't populate in the new Tableau workbook then check the field type, is it text saved as number or date?

          Have you a filter applied on the extract?

          Where is the data stored? what type of connection?


          Could you export some data to Excel and try linking that instead?


          Its about trying to isolate the problem by trying different things...


          If anything isn't clear or you still have problems please let me know


          Good luck!



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            Brittnie Beaman

            Thanks for your help. I opened a new workbook and linked Salesforce to it and the information pulls in so I've determined it has to be an issue with my workbook. While messing around with the data connection, I noticed the "Refresh All Extracts" failed to refresh Salesforce. I tried to re-enter my Salesforce password and refresh all extracts again but Tableau freezes then shuts down.