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    How to create a virtual attribute when it does not exist in a data source

    michael shin

      Hello Tableau experts!  I have 3 data sources:

      - Primary:  Points to SQL server and has metrics, DATE, and finally Experience (attribute)

      - Secondary: Excel export which also has metrics, DATE

      - Secondary:  Another Excel export which has metrics and DATE


      As you can see above, I can data blend based on DATE.  Because the 2 secondary sources have NO reference to Experience (which has a value of either Mobile or Web), their respective metric values get repeated when you filter on Experience and/or bring Experience as a row header.  So far, Tableau is behaving as expected.


      Here is the use case.  The Excel files are assumed to always be Web data, even if Experience does not exist in these data sources.  When a user selects Web, the metric values from these sources should render.  However, when the user selects Mobile, nothing should come back for any of these metrics. Is there a way to do this using calculated fields?