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    Looking for advice on extracting xml/json into database vs TDE

    Michael Lynton

      Hi everyone -

      My company is implementing a new software for a department which has several APIs available for extracting our data. They provide access via .Net, Java, and PHP and return the data in XML or JSON.


      I am wrestling with the best approach for compiling the data we need for delivery into Tableau.


      Here are my ideas:


      1. Have a developer write some code that will pull data from APIs we need and convert the xml/json into TDE files. (ie. Leads would get compiled into a Leads TDE, and the same for customers, transactions, etc)


      2. Have a developer write some code that will pull the API data into individual database tables, and then write queries on the database and create extracts on that where needed.


      I'm sure there might be a 3rd option I'm not thinking of ...


      We have limited technical people, so ideally I'd like to have something sustainable and with minimal risk of interruption or issue. I do like the idea of being able to do joins on a database to create my own view of the data. But I haven't worked a lot with web services data, so I don't know what the best practice is.


      Any recommendations or thoughts? Thanks!