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    creating a measure/dimension out of a calculated field

    Ram Asokan

      Hi folks,


      Just wondering if it is possible to create a measure/dimension derived from a calculated field?


      Kind off in quandary right now - unable to find the best feasible way to get around this issue.


      Problem statement is something like this:


      Two columns in the data table, 1 is the the type of service field - which has 3 different distinct values to it and a revenue field which is obviously the revenue garnered from the services provided.


      What I would like to do is for example in a IF statement:

      if [ServiceType_Column1  = 'Service A']

      then sum(Revenue) as Revenue_A

      elseif [ServiceType_Column2 = 'Service B']

      then sum(Revenue) as Revenue_B

      else [ServiceType_Column3  = 'Service C']

      sum(Revenue) as Revenue_C


      then from the calculated field have 3 different measures - Revenue A, Revenue B, and Revenue C.


      Is this possible in tableau? As of now - I highly doubt it, but just thought I ask this question here to see if you 'gurus' might have an idea or a workaround maybe?


      Thanks heaps in advance


      Best Regards,