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    How to change the datatype from string to date

    rajendra prasad

      Hi Team

      i am using MS-analysis services as data source ,it is having "DimTime" dimension which is having fields FISCAL_YEAR(2014-2015),FISCAL_QUTER(Q1,Q2,Q2,Q4),CALENDAR_MONTHNAME(APRIL,MAY,JUNE,JULY,....,MARCH),..Etc,all these fields are in string datatype ,i want to convert these fields in to date datatype . i used tableau option right clicking on the field and converting the datatype to date but its showing some other value .i attached some of the screen shots about the process i did .

      please help me to resolve this .Changing string datatype to date.pngafter changing the field to date Datatype and dargging the field to the rows pane.png