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    Personal Edition

    Sunil Jain

      Tableausoftware should provide personal edition with long term validity else its very tough to create resource pool  in Market.

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          Sunil Jain

          Currently , Market facing resource shortage in tableau .

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            Sunil Jain

            it's tough to compete other tool like QlikView without extending personal edition limit.

            Qlik is currently providing unlimited use personal edition. There is no validity period.

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              KK Molugu



              When you compare two products in the market, they always have pros and cons against  each other. We were able to get most value in couple weeks with Tableau and if you are looking for product validity,  you can always get Tableau  Public which is unlimited and there are thousands  of us using it. Hope this helps.



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                Sunil Jain

                Tableau Public can connect only to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and multiple text file formats. It has a limit of 1,000,000 rows of data that is allowed in any single file.

                Security is weak in Tableau Public .

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                  Steve Martin

                  To add to k's post,


                  Qlik free is a fully-featured edition able to save workbooks that are then only able to be opened with that same installation on that same pc whereas Tableau Public has a slightly different model in that reports cannot be saved rather they are save to the Tableau Public Server.


                  I suppose it boils down to what it is you are trying to do, there are no one-size fits all solutions out there - if you are after mostly static reports able to comfortably consume huge amounts of data with relatively small calculation and rendering time then yes, Qlik is a very good option but then, so is ssrs or at least ReportBuilder as it has a very quick dev to prod time whereas if you are after data-discovery and drill-through well...


                  You have t remember that although Qlik and Tableau are marketed as competing products, they are actually very different in the way they operate, their use cases, and the end-result, one of Qliks best features is also its downfall - it requires you to create a full data-model brilliant, you can control every aspect of the data going in but wait a moment - do you know anything about data? Err, no -ah!

                  And then there is the interface excellent if you want to spend hours and I do mean hours creating a fabulous interface for what?


                  So the tool is a great piece of kit, but it is very wrong attempting to perform a straight comparison with Tableau which is ultimately in a group of its own.


                  Really, you should perhaps be looking at PowerView and comparing this to Qlik, see if you still draw the same conclusions when comparing a 20-year old solution to an 18 month-old?