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    Active Directory: External users, multiple domains

    Sean Casey

      Hi all,


      Our current setup is as follows:

      - Tableau 8.2

      - Active Directory authentication

      - External customers access Tableau via our website: http://tableau.mycompany.com


      What we're trying to figure out is this:


      - We have users from other companies that will be using our Tableau website.

      - Each external company has their own Active Directory environments.

      - We want to delegate some kind of trust between the external companies and our Active Directory domain/forest, so that an external customer can authenticate against our Tableau server using their own credentials (e.g. joe@customercorp.com can login to our website).


      My current ideas are:

      - Forest Trust between companies via VPN.

      - Active Directory Federation Services, but I'm not very familiar with it or SAML. Is it possible to use AD FS for Tableau authentication for this kind of scenario?


      Has anyone else had a use-case like this? If so, what kind of solution did you implement?


      Thanks in advance!