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    How to filter a viz based on a combination of multiple paramters and logic

    Bodhisattva Dasgupta

      I have a viz (text table/bar graph/etc) which I need to filter based on the following logic


      (Salary > X) OR  ( Age > Y AND Salary > Z )

      For this, I have created three parameters which will take in the values of X, Y & Z respectively.


      After this I created a Calculated Field where I put in the above logic somewhat like this....


      IF (Salary > X) OR  ( Age > Y AND Salary > Z ) then "Include" else "Exclude" End


      But the problem I am facing is, I am unable to drag this Calculated field to my Filter Shelf and filter on "Include". And this is because my Calculated Field is getting categorized as a Measure.


      How can I work around this ?