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    $1,500 for a Clear Proposal in 15 Days ... Want it?

    Michael Behning

      I am looking for a general project manager (and the project manager's team) to take my Kickstarter project from marketing, to production, to full corporate development. I have already funded a $1,500 prize on Freelancer.Com for the best written proposal. I will figure all expenses you propose, including your salary and your team members' salaries, into the crowdfunding plan if you win the contest.


      I WANT to deliver this prize ... But I want a worthy proposal.


      Specifically, if you are a Tableau master and you might be interested in participating in the startup of an amazing company (check out the Freelancer brief yourself to decide - link below), please put your skills to the test. But act quickly ... PLEASE! My Freelancer contest will end on November 30th. I have specifically stipulated that the winning entry be created by either a Tableau or a Domo expert (my preference is Tableau).


      If you make a proposal, make it beautiful. Be sure to read my entire brief, the attachments, and the freelancer clarification board.


      TO TABLEAU ... If my winning entry is a Tableau expert I will promote Tableau also ... forever ... YOU take a look at the contest, at who I am, and send a few experts my way. This is a winning effort for everyone if we succeed. It will generate amazing publicity.


      Here is the link to the Freelancer.Com contest: $1,500 Freelancer.Com Project Management Contest

      Submit a Business & Crowdfunding Plan w/YOU as: Project Manager over Software and Hardware Development, Marketing, and P…




      Michael Behning

      Henchman of Souls Novelist

      ShadeGame Developer


      P.S. If you submit an entry PLEASE let me know here and/or on Facebook ... I am limited in my communications with contacts on Freelancer unless I am familiar with them in an other venue: Make it here (in this forum) or connect with me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/henchmanofsouls