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    Tracking team members based upon date ranges



        I am new to Tableua and am attempting my first large project. The firts part of this is to use Tableau to visualize the performance of sales teams in my organisation. Ideally I would like to do all of my calculations in Tableau without the need for additional processing in other programs. However I am not sure if this is possible, so need some guidance.


      Attached is a spreadsheet showing some sample data in the format I have been given, there is two sheets "StaffList" & "RepToTeam". The "StaffList" sheet shows when employees started in the business, the start & end date of probation and if they have left the business. If the cell "Employment End Date" is blank then that perosn is still with the business. The "Probation Start" & "Probation End" columns define the time period when each employee is on probation


      The second sheet "RepToTeam" has a similar format. Each employee is assigned a team. They can change teams over time or always stay in the same team. Similar to "Employment End Date" if "Team End Date" is bank then that person is still a team member.


      At this point my problem is how to important and manipulate the data so that I can do the follow:

      • Visualize how many people are in each team on a daily, week, and monthly basis ?
      • The make up of the each team, how many are on probation as a % of total?


      I am assuming I need to transform the time ranges into continuous data. but do not know how to do this, or if its possible in Tableau.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.