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    Custom Polygons - very slow when using filters

    Kevin Das

      Hi all


      I have created a TDE file with custom polygons in England and Wales. These work well when I map them in Tableau and I am able to show sales per polygon (the sales are from a secondary data source, where sales are aligned to the name of each polygon).


      However, when I try to filter the data to show polygons in one region it takes hours and hours to create the view (I cancelled it after 6 hours yesterday!).


      I have used other TDE files with polygons where I have created the same types of map and the views have been quick to change with filters.


      My TDE is quite large compared to these other files (about 5 times the size).


      Does anyone know if I am missing something obvious to reduce the number of calculations needed to filter the map view using the TDE file attached?


      Many thanks for any help


      Best Wishes



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