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    Burndown Chart - Design Target Line

    Gavin Jeffers

      Could anyone help me figure out how to create a design target line on a burndown chart (line graph) which measures from 100 to 0 between a start and end date? The burndown chart is functioning but without the design target there isn't a visual reference for the progress.


      I'm not factoring a calculated remaining effort into the reference line, just want to draw a straight line from 100 to 0 between two dates. I've been trying to create a reference or plot from a secondary data source and I've just completely failed at this. Any guidance would be really appreciated!



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          KK Molugu



          Not having the packaged workbook or data is a little hard to show what you want, but this can be achieved in Tableau. Create a table calculation as below and I am using Superstore data to show count of sales by week.


          //Burndown Line

          if attr(datepart('week', [Order Date])) = window_min(min(datepart('week', [Order Date]))) then 100

          elseif attr(datepart('week', [Order Date])) = window_max(max(datepart('week', [Order Date]))) then 0



          The above function draws two marks in the view with value 100 for window min date and 0 for the window max date in the view. Drag the Burndown Line field to rows shelf and draw a trendline. Set dual axis and hope this helps;

          burndown chart-kk.PNG


          Hope this helps..



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