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    Container Problems


      When I move my Vertical/Horizontal Container my objects inside it, They do not move  with it to serve the purpose of a Container ??   How to fix this ??

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          Matt Lutton

          It is VERY difficult to understand what you are asking here.  Visuals, like screenshots, or videos, can help demonstrate what you mean.  Please add some more detail, and clarify what it is you are asking, and we will be happy to help you.



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            Shawn Wallwork

            This is one of those that is almost impossible to diagnose/explain without doing a screenshare session. But do know that moving a container will (should) move all the objects inside it. The problem usually is you didn't get the objects into the container in the first place. Look over on the left and look through the Layout section. That will have a hierarchy of all your dashboard object. Open them up and see what's inside what.


            If you want to do a JoinMe let me know.




            EDIT: What Matthew said. I'm off for a walk anyway.

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              Simon Runc

              hi Bouzid,

              Are your objects definitely inside the containers? If you click on an Object, and in the little triangle in the top left select 'Select Container' if the selection is now a container for the whole dashboard your object's aren't inside. I only ask as it took me a few days to get the hang of putting object in the containers (it's easy to drop then just next to the container). As you get used to it there are visual cues that you have put them where you were expecting to. It might also be if you have several objects in a container you haven't done the above step to select the container, before trying to move it....just thinking of causes from my own experience!!


              If it's neither of these please attach the workbook (or slimmed down version if data is sensitive) and I'll take a look.

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                I have created a dashboard with one graph and many filters, all of them inside a container. now try to move the container it will move by it self the graph and the filters will stay out

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                  Grayson Deal

                  The reason you are unable to move all the filters and graph is because they are not inside the container as referenced above

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                    What shall I do to achieve this ?

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      Yup.  when stuff floats, it's independent of everything else.

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                        Matt Lutton

                        You are using ALL floating objects.  The worksheets/filters need to be a TILED object, within your FLOATING container.

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                          Matt Lutton

                          Here is everything actually inside the Container.  Again, the problem was that you were not actually utilizing the containers -- you had a bunch of floating objects stacked on top of each other, but the only thing that should be floating is the Container.  See attached.

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                            Matt Lutton

                            And just for fun:


                            They All Float.png

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                              I am not getting this !! I select a container then I tile it, and then I bring all the sheets I want and then I drop them on the container then I tile them ? I am missing a lot of steps  !!

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                                Matt Lutton

                                Before dragging your worksheets into the container, be sure that "TILED" is selected in the Dashboard layout area:




                                Alternatively, with the TWBX you posted, you can hold down SHIFT while dragging a worksheet over a container in order to place that object INSIDE that container. 

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                                  Joe Oppelt

                                  It's kind of an either-or dilemma though.  Bouzid probably wanted the positioning displayed in the sample workbook.  Using TILED within a container doesn't give you the flexibility of detailed layout.


                                  I've wished for some sort of "relative float" concept wherein I can float something within the boundaries of a master container.  (Example, 4 quadrants of a dashboard.  4 sheets with each sheet's legends and filters carefully placed in the respective quadrants.  Then the user decides that he wants to see the south-east viz swapped with the north-west viz.  Today I have to drag each sub-object from here-to-there and there-to-here.)

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                                    Matt Lutton

                                    The ability to simply "group" objects on the canvas would be nice, similar to how we can do in nearly any other software application


                                    Of course, I'd love to just be able to draw on the canvas as well, but no dice so far.


                                    What I hate is that "Horizontal" and "Vertical" containers are essentially the same.  I cannot put the Month of Month filter above the Top 10 sheet, in this example, and then also place the other two filters to the right, within the same container. You would think you could do this by arranging a Container with two horizontal spaces, and one vertical space, but regardless of how you try to set up the Container layout, I don't believe its possible. 

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