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    Tableau Challange

    Syed Khadir Ahmed

      Hi All,


      I have a challenge,  Lets Assume I have a data of 100 Employees and each Employee details are in single "ROW"

      The challenge here is without using SQL query, We need to prepare a Chart/Table which gives us the below information with DRILL DOWN Functionality


      Total No. of Hires (Year on Year .. Should be able to drill to month or further down)

      Total No. of Term (Year on year .. Should be able to drill to month or further down)

      Total Active Associates as on Date

      % of Attrition Year on year basis


      Below is the Sample Data


      Associate IDAssociate NameHire DateTerm Date
      10001Aaviti, Praveen Kumar1-Jan-02
      10002Abad, Ramona1-Jan-031-Jan-14
      10003Abbaraju, Siva1-Jan-041-Jan-13
      10004Abbaraju, Siva1-Jan-051-Jan-12
      10005Abbakolla, Naresh1-Jan-061-Jan-11
      10006Abbarapu, Reddy Rajesh Reddy1-Jan-071-Jan-10
      10007Abbasi, Farhan1-Jan-081-Jan-09
      10008Abbarapu, Reddy Rajesh Reddy1-Jan-091-Jan-08
      10009Abbasi, Farhan1-Jan-10
      10010Aaviti, Praveen Kumar1-Jan-11
      10011Abad, Ramona1-Jan-12
      10012Abbakolla, Naresh1-Jan-13
      10013Abbarapu, Reddy Rajesh Reddy1-Jan-14
      10014Aaviti, Praveen Kumar1-Jan-02
      10015Abad, Ramona1-Jan-031-Jan-14
      10016Abbaraju, Siva1-Jan-041-Jan-13
      10017Abbaraju, Siva1-Jan-051-Jan-12
      10018Abbakolla, Naresh1-Jan-061-Jan-11
      10019Abbarapu, Reddy Rajesh Reddy1-Jan-071-Jan-10
      10020Abbasi, Farhan1-Jan-081-Jan-09
      10021Abbarapu, Reddy Rajesh Reddy1-Jan-091-Jan-08
      10022Abbasi, Farhan1-Jan-10
      10023Aaviti, Praveen Kumar1-Jan-11
      10024Abad, Ramona1-Jan-12
      10025Abbakolla, Naresh1-Jan-13


      Happy Visualizing...

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