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    Unable to refresh Data Extract from MS SQL Server

    Jayanth Subramanian



      I am currently using Tableau 8.1 to create a set of dashboards from an SQL database located on a remote server. When I connect live, I am able to view the dashboards correctly. However I need to create a .twbx file (dashboards + data).


      The data has approximately 5M rows and took about 9 hours to create an extract. However I am now unable to refresh the same extract, since it stays at the "Refreshing" page. I have tried doing the same overnight, through the day, nothing.


      Could anyone suggest a better way of doing this, or quicker way to get this extract?



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          Russell Christopher

          9 Hours for 5 Million rows is way, way, way too long unless your result set has an (unreasonably) large number of columns or that SQL Server lives on a poor network and it takes a long time to move rows over the wire because of a small pipe.


          For a ~5M row / ~ 30 column resultset from a local SQL Server, I can create an extract in about 4-6 minutes.


          Have you tried extracting a small subset of data (100-200K rows) to see if it still takes a really long time? Create a data source filter on the source you're trying to extract so that only 1 row is returned...then try again.  Is your query unnaturally slow?

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            Shawn Wallwork

            I'm having a the same issue with a very similar setup (though our server installs could be very different). It's taking 15 minutes to refresh a 300K rows of data. I'm posting a support case later today. I'll let you know what they say.