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    Network Requirements for SalesForce/Sparkler/Tableau Server

    Steve Mayer

      I need some help understanding the networking requirements for setting up SalesForce with Sparkler and Tableau Server. My assumptions are as follows, if anyone can review them & correct as necessary, I (and I"m sure others) would appreciate the help.


      1) SalesForce.com requires connectivity to the Sparkler application server.

      2) If Sparkler is hosted with Heroku, this is a non-issue, since both are in the cloud and can connect directly.

      3) If Sparkler is hosted on-premise, then the Sparkler application server needs to be open to the Internet, so that SalesForce.com can connect.

      4) The Sparkler application server requires connectivity to Tableau Server when using Trusted Tickets, because Sparkler communicates with Tableau Server in order to request a ticket.

      5) SalesForce.com does not require connectivity to Tableau Server, because requests to Tableau Server are initiated from the client's browser.


      I have read the documentation & forum posts in detail, but could not find anywhere that consolidates network requirements.


      Help appreciated,