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    How to create dynamic quadrant flags and counts in scatterplot?

    Adam Gardner



      Issue: Creating a dynamic quadrant flag based on axis averages and also a count of each data point that falls into each quadrant.


      I am using Tableau 8.2 and trying to create an easy way to count the number of datapoints in each quadrant of a scatterplot graph where the center lines change.  The center lines are based on populations axis average.   I want to be able to apply filters and the quadrant labels will update based on the center line values and where the datapoints fall.


      I also want to be able to sum the total number of datapoints in each quadrant. (so i can use it in a dashboard)


      I am running into problems since I am not sure how to create the dynamic flag without a table calculation, and using the dynamic flag in a table summary is cauings some issues (since it is requiring some fields to be included to work properly)



      Desired scatterplot ref lines = (table average of axis)

      scatterplot with quadrants colored.JPG


      Sample of desired function (dynamic quadrant flags, and table of count of dynamic quadrant flags)

      desired end.JPG




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