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    Tableau 8.2.3 and IBM BigInsignts 2.1.2 via ODBC - Cannot find tables

    Scott Jensen

      I'm connecting to IBM BigInsights Big SQL using the ODBC driver in Tableau for Desktop version 8.2.3.  BigInsights is version 2.1.2.  I downloaded the driver and did the install of the 64-bit driver on Windows 8.1, was able to create the DSN, and seemed to be able to connect to Big SQL successfully, but no schemas or tables are listed in Tableau's Connect to Data screen for the connection.  I was able to use the JDBC connector through Linux to query Big SQL, so it does not seem to be that BigInsights is preventing the query.  I also put the bigsql.tdc file in the "My Tableau Repository" folder as instructed on the IBM website.  I tried installing the 32-bit driver, but it throws an error on installation.  Thanks in advance for any tips on getting the tables to show up.