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    Dealing with CSV's while server on AWS

    vikram bandarupalli

      Dear Fellow Admins,


      I want to know how you guys deal with workbooks which are based of CVS's and tableau server on AWS.


      My Situation: Most of the time, all our analysts generate a CSV's by aggregating data from various sources( excel's, Postgres, Sales force etc) via R studio. The csv is then used as a source into tableau. While this is all happening locally on publishers desktop, an extract is also created locally and the workbook is published to server to share content. So far so good..


      When the content is viewed on server, the dash takes longer time( in some case minutes, based on how many sources) to render initial view creating a not so great viewing experience. I later found out that every time the workbook is loaded, server is trying to look for the extract files( in this case which is on the local machine) and keeps trying and eventually gives up loading what ever is in the cache.


      I've switched the source pointing directly to the extract rather than csv-> extract. This makes > 60% performance improvement in load time


      My question: How do we make the Dashboards updated?


      - Can we upload the csv's to S3. generate the extracts on S3 and point the workbook to read the extract?

      - Publish the extract to server and make the workbook reference the extract on server?


      Any thoughts?



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          Switching to the extracts seems to be the right call here but I believe it will have to be done from within Tableau Desktop: I.e.


          -In TD, create extract

          -Publish extract

          -Make new connection to published data source

          -Replace original extract with publish extract

          -Republish workbook.


          Let me know if i've missed something. Thanks for posting!



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            vikram bandarupalli

            1) Connected to excel, created an extract(saved it locally) and published the extract.  I don't get an option for 'Including external files'. This option seems to appear only when using live connection. I'm on 8.2.2

            2) Publishing this to the server and replacing the workbook to use this extract still is trying to reference the extract file that was generated on local machine(created in step1) increasing the render time.



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              Mads Plesner

              I have the same problem.


              I'm working with extract from CSV-files locally on my computer, and publishing workbooks on the server. Now I have many workbooks on the server, but I have to update each of them individually and upload the all the data each time. I can upload the csv extract as a data source on the server, but I can't switch the connection in the workbooks to the new data source (csv extract on the server).


              How do I connect the workbooks on the server to one extract?


              Would be so much easier if I could just upload an updated csv extract to the datasource on the server.


              Kind regards