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    Correct Answer Club Challenge!

    Shawn Wallwork

      The Crow's Nest Challenge worked so well [ Are You Up For The Crow's Nest Challenge? We're Killin' It on Crow's Nest! ] I thought it might be time for another challenge, just to keep things interesting. So here it is:

      The Correct Answer Club Challenge

      Awhile back kettan created this great list of members of the Correct Answer Club. As you can see, more and more members are being added, and moving up each week. This is great, because as Tableau continues to sell more licenses, and more and more people join our forums, we really do need more folks giving out good advice and tackling some of the tougher questions. So this challenge is designed to encourage folks to make the shift from Questioner to Answerer, and for the old-hand-Answerers to up their game!



      1. Increase the number of people on this list (only 5 correct answers required to join!)
      2. Increase the number of people moving from one level to the next
      3. Increase the number of Questioners who close out their Q's by marking an answer correct


      Duration: 30 Days.



      1. Paying it forward
      2. Educating yourself
      3. Community pride
      4. Tableau swag!


      Final Note: Awhile back somebody (sorry I don't remember who) mentioned to me that it might be helpful if us old-hands would leave the low-hanging fruit alone, so newer members could exercise their Answer chops. Great suggestion! So for the duration of this challenge, I for one, will do just that. (As long as you guys find/answer Q's within 7 days .) And I will try to be more cognizant of this issue in the future.


      That's it folks. Hope you join the Challenge, hope you continue to find Tableau Forum participation fun.





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