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    Eager to find internship about UX develop/design or Data Analyst in Tableau

    Tongfang Sun

      Hello everyone in Tableau Group:

      My name is Tongfang Sun. I am an undergraduate student in University of Washington, Seattle. I read double degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering(HCDE) and Statistics departments. I really really want to apply internship in Tableau. But I can only find the job apply website. Does anybody know where can I find the internship apply link in Tableau? Thank you very much!


      Tableau is my dream company. If Google and Tableau both offer me internship offer, I will choose Tableau definitely. About 1 year ago, I became the first person who are both in Statistics and HCDE departments in UW, I started to think how to combine data analysis and user experience together and I believe that Tableau is the answer that I want. 


      I did some project on campus and one of them is related to data visualization based on R shiny. If you want to learn more about me, you can go to my personal website (mypage ) if you want to learn more about me. Thank you very much for your help!


      Tongfang Sun