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    How to filter a "change history" data source by date

    Ben Pelcyger

      Hello Tableau Gurus


      I have a riddle.  I have a table that has the history of each sales opportunity.  For example, lets say I had a sales opportunity for hair nets to a lunch lady dispatch agency.  That sales opportunity may have started as $500 on July 1st, then changed to $250 on August 3rd, then changed to $750 on September 23rd when they signed the contract.


      My data would look like this:

      DateContract Value


      If I want to look at what the contract's value was on August 23rd...I don't know how to do that with a calculated field.


      I have this grand vision for Sales Pipeline Time Machine, where I can enter a enter a date into a parameter, and it will show me what my pipeline looked like.  By far, the easiest option is to do a LEFT JOIN on "all the days", so i have a table with a value for each day.  I can't help thinking this is the wrong way to do this, so is there a better way within tableau?


      Your buddy,