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    December TUG Meeting

    Steven Hittle


      Join us at a new time and new place for the Columbus Tableau Users Group meeting. Result Data, a Tableau Alliance Partner, is hosting the December meeting at their corporate training center on Polaris Parkway near Westerville. This meeting will include special technical sessions covering advanced use of parameters and Tableau Actions, in addition to an abbreviated standard TUG agenda.

      Topics include the following:

      Using Parameters to Give End Users Maximum Flexibility and Control

      Get a detailed review of how Tableau parameters can be used to

      • Change dimensions and measures on the same visualization
      • Manage and change chart titles and axes
      • Update color codes
      • Change map sizes and formats
      • Modify chart types
      • Show or hide reference lines
      • Update aggregation levels of measures (sum, avg, percentage etc.)
      • Modify Top N filters
      • And more...

      Using Actions to Provide more Interactivity, Insight and Detail

      • Learn how to add "details on demand" functionality by creating filters from views in order to filter or drill down
      • See how global filters work across a dashboard or workbook
      • See how global filters work across a dashboard or workbook
      • Learn how to highlight and explore values in groups


      Where and When?

        Friday, December 5th, 2014 -- 9:00AM to Noon EST
      Check-in & refreshments start at 8:30AM

      Result Data Corporate Training Center
      110 Polaris Parkway.
      Suite 100
      Westerville, OH 43082