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    Using Forecast to track progress to goal

    Matthew Sweer

      First-time poster and tableau noob and I've been furiously googling this, but can't seem to find the answer.  Fingers-crossed:



      For a response based campaign with discrete start and end dates (10/31 - 12/15) that must reach 5K responses


      1) Track the daily actual responses, and update each new day


      2) Forecast through to 12/15 with daily future estimates


      3) Based on cumulative actual and estimated totals, will we reach goal by 12/15?


      Seems pretty simple and in Excel is supremely simple, but this has me stumped.  I can get the Forecasts, which I believe will anchor to 12/15 end (will know that tomorrow), but I can't seem to get a running sum of the actual and estimated values.


      Is my approach here wrong?  Help me Obi-wan, you're my only hope.