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    Tooltip sensitivity level - can it be modified?

    Andy Piper

      In the attached pictures, you can see a background image (contains the name of rail facility locations, a rail line mock-up, and facility icons). I have created colored (only for display purposes for creating this discussion) rectangles (using text marks, not annotations) that are positioned on top of and in the center of each facility name (using manipulation of X & Y coordinates).


      I want the user to hover over the name of the facility to see more info about the facility (eventually to click on it or right-click on it and be taken to another sheet or URL). However, the tooltip doesn't always display when the mouse is hovering over the rectangle. For example, in one picture, the mouse is positioned over Alexandria, but the Baltimore tooltip displays (the mouse came from bottom to top, so there was no residual tooltip hanging around from passing over Baltimore). When hovering in the Chattanooga area, only the facility that appears first in the color legend has a tooltip that displays (the other does not display when hovering over it). In the other picture, one can see that the Meridian tooltip appears when the cursor is well above the rectangle (in this case, the mouse pointer came from the top, so the tooltip wasn't there from passing over it earlier).


      I've looked at the XML and have not seen a setting that might be controlling this behavior. Does such a setting exist within the XML or the application itself? If so, how can it be manipulated such that the tooltip will display when hovering over or closer to the mark, not when you are within somewhat close proximity to it?




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