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    Actions drill-down

    Daniel Strom

      Hi folks,


      Have been searching through the forum without hitting the "sweetspot" that would answer my dilemma.


      So here goes; in the attached file i have a superstore dashboard containing a US map and 3 more dimensions all with the same measure (order quantity).


      In the dashboard i have some actions for filtering the three dimensions under the map. First i want to filter from a state in the map, to all 3 dimensions under it, then i want to click a bar in one of the charts and filter the remaining 2 deminsions. And now i gets tricky for me, after that i want to click a bar i the  remaining 2 charts and filter the last one but without filtering the first dimension i have filterd via (not the map).


      To sum it up, i want to keep the result from every each filter as i keep filtering down. And not by any pre-set order (exept for the map which always comes first). The other 3 dimensions (segment, priority, department) should all be independent in which order you want to chose to filter them.


      Hope i made my self kind of understandable

      and that someone has a solution. (and sorry for any misspelling)