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    Adding new columns and simple calculations?

    Michael Weber

      I am trying to add new columns to a worksheet to do a simple difference calculation but am having issues.  Let's say I have 100 rows of data and 4 columns across the top.  The rows are the investment name, the columns are the fund name, and the sum data are % returns.  I am trying to add new columns that show the difference between each fund.  Any ideas?  It is difficult to do this with the raw data before pulling into Tableau.


      For instance:


      Thank you!


      Investment Name     Fund A     Fund B     Fund C     Fund D                    Difference between Fund A and Fund B...etc


      ABC Corp                    2%          1%          3.5%          .57%

      CBA Corp                     1%          1%          3.5%          .27%

      BBB Corp                      2%          1%          4.5%          .37%

      DCA Corp                      3%          1%          2.5%          .57%