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    HTTP Status 405 error in Canvas App Previewer

    Michelle Zhu


      I downloaded Salesforce Canvas Adapter zip file and tried to set up Canvas Apps in Salesforce. I followed the instructions in the sparker-canvas.pdf doc, and got HTTP status 405 error in Sparkler Canvas App Previewer, .


      Here is what I did:


      Created Heroku app and deployed Sparkler adapter to it

      Set config values in Heroku Sparkler app (including consumer secret key update), make sure it's alive.

      Created connected app in SalesForce.

      The tableau server is configured to support HTTPS. I've double checked all items as in the sparkler-canvas.pdf. Not sure what could be wrong and where should I go for troubleshooting this error. Please help.







      HTTP Status 405 - Request method 'GET' not supported

      type Status report

      message Request method 'GET' not supported

      description The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource.

      Apache Tomcat/7.0.40