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    Waterfall Chart Issues

    Colin O'Brien

      Hi All!


      I'm looking to recreate this chart as closely as possible... the x axis is full of dimensions which aren't showing on this particular chart


      I've run across a number of problems with recreating this in Tableau:

      • The y axis has to be by 'Number of Records' as the bars have to be 'running sum of total' to create a waterfall chart in Tableau. Even though I can label by %. This isn't a huge problem as number of records isn't the worst metric to have showing
      • I can't present the subtotal bars in the middle (which total all the bars preceding) as subtotaling will only total by the colour type. e.g. Blue Total shows as 13.5 %. This is because you can only subtotal by Pane, Cell etc. and can't do running sub total as far as I know.
      • The Grand Total bar at the end refuses to be coloured in segments like the others. To solve this I've simply created another view but if I'm missing something and this can be achieved, please let me know!


      Essentially, what I really need is the subtotal bars in the middle and I've found no way of recreating these in Tableau. I've tried adding reference lines which would just about do but I haven't figured out to make it like so:



      Adding a colour below a reference line will wipe out all the other colours below it. I think this is most do-able and will be looking into it again. Possibly adding a label on the reference line to show the sub-totals that I want.


      If anyone has figured out something remotely close to this I'd be eternally grateful! I've poured a lot of time into this for very little return


      Here's what I have so far



      Attached is a quick mock up of what I'm working with