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    How to Increase Dashboard perfomance

    p Reddy

      I have dashboard,it is taking more time for execution.


      Please let me know,how to increase the performance of dashboards in Tableau server

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          Aaron Clancy

          p Reddy


          You should really include more details on a question like that so that we don't have to come back with questions like "What is your server setup? What is the complexity of the dashboard? Are you using an extract or not? Are you aggregating to the necessary level? Is your box taxed with other applications?  Do you have adequate resources allocated to your server?  Is there consistently high concurrency/usage of your Tableau Server? How many records are in your dataset?  Are you using context filters heavily? Which version of TS are you using?  How much faster are interactions for your dashboard on Tableau Desktop?


          Answers to these questions could be a start to help troubleshoot why you're having performance issues.


          I would also create a support case with Tableau if you think that there is something wrong with the server installation.



          If your issue is not environment based, here's a good doc for creating efficient workbooks:



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            Dan Murray

            TThis is impossible to answer without a screenshot of your dashboard and some information on your datasource (spreadsheet? Database? Row count, column width). For a good guide in general on this see Chapter 8 of my book, Tableau Your Data! Available at Amazon and other major book sellers.

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              SathishKumar Parthasarathy

              General Thumb Rules for performance optimization.


              a) Keep the Data set filtered from the Data Source as much as possible. e.g. use only one countries data if other countries data is never used in the reports. Higher the data volume, lower the performance of the reports.

              b) Use Tableau Extracts as much as possible for non-volatile data sets. (batch Extract)

              c) Keep Calculated columns to a minimum. Lot of calculations will affect the performance.

              d) Check the Server Utilization, accordingly can upgrade the Server capacity. (more the CPU cores and memory, the faster the reports will be)

              e) If you are using the Database, Tableau reports performance is directly related to the database performance

              f) Check how many users are using the reports at the same time, concurrent users will affect the query performance.


              The above are generic guidelines. Check and use them appropriately.




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                p Reddy

                Thanks Sathish for your key points


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