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    Change the hover/select highlighting color

    Andreas Fischer

      Hi everyone,


      I have searched the forums but I have not been able to find an answer for my question.


      Please take a look at this image - this is a display of my current table.



      Now, when I hover the image, the cells looks like this (notice the gray area of column label "Indeks"):



      And when I click the column, it looks like this:



      How can I change these colors? That would be really great, since I want to change the tables general colors.



      Thank you in advance,


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          Matt Lutton

          As far as I know, these cannot be changed.  If there was any hacky way to change them, I'd think it would be in the XML of the TWB file, but I've not heard or seen anything about changing them.  AND changing the XML in a TWB file is always unsupported by Tableau, so I'd say its probably not worth the effort if you can accomplish your overall goal in another manner.


          What is your overall goal in changing these colors?  How would that benefit your analysis?  I'm just trying to understand the overall goal, as there may be another method for obtaining the results you seek.