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    Browser Processing error

    prabha a

      Hi Team,


      Recently we upgraded tableau server to 8.2.3.

      we are getting an error while refreshing workbook.

      Image is attached.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Shawn Wallwork

          That's a pretty generic error message. For stuff like this it is best to file a Support Case. They'll take a look at your logs and help you work out what's going on.





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            Aaron Clancy

            I'm getting this error all the time now.  I also created a support case and still waiting for a helpful response, but was wondering if anyone had any more insight on "general" causes of this issue.

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              David Mejia



              I'm getting the same error as well. I created a case with Tableau as mentioned here. Tableau replied back and told me that it is network or vpn related that is interrupting your connection when browsing. I gave them the logs and they didn't see any errors in the log so the only assumption they came up with is the network or vpn connection. The only thing I do not like with this reply is that it is an assumption and proof or evidence that is actually vpn connection. A point in case, is that when you are browsing a different website the same error should occur.


              Were you able to identify your issue?




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                Toby Erkson

                Well, if they think it's a networking issue and not Tableau the next step would be to work with your local network team.

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                  Aaron Clancy

                  It is Tableau.  It's a client side Tableau popup. Tableau needs to have the software "handle" whatever network condition it thinks it's running in to differently.  This doesn't happen with any other web based application so it's not just a "network Issue."

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                    David Mejia

                    Precisely my point Aaron. I replied to them the same thing. I told them I need concrete answer(s) and I can't simply assume that if something doesn't work "it's network issue." There should be a log that tells me if there is network interruptions or a setting in Tableau server to increase wait time before it shows you the "Browser Processing Error." This is a web applications using apache so they should have those information. Just asking for assistance if they retain those information and where to find it.

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                      Matt Morgenroth

                      Hey folks, thanks for letting us know what's happening with this error.  It's a tough one.  Due to its generic nature the underlying cause could be many things.

                      Older browsers, bad network and really inefficient viz design are among the culprits.  Often it takes a mix of two or more problems, sometimes it is none of those problems and it really is something we can/must fix.

                      The trouble is in reproducing the issue for our internal debugging efforts.


                      That Tableau seems to be the only app suffering from this issue is certainly interesting, but that fact alone doesn't rule out your network. Tableau has a very unique set of dependencies and while we do our best to buffer against issues, something the confluence of factors in your environment isn't something we've been able to test against.


                      What to do?  

                      • Well definitely file a support ticket. 
                      • Resist the temptation to compare this error with performance of other applications.  It's just too hard to compare chalk and cheese.  Focus on what is observable in Tableau itself. 
                      • Are some people disproportionately affected?  What is different about them? Different subnet? Domain? External network? Via VPN? On another continent? etc...
                      • Are some visualizations disproportionately affected? Are those vizzes more complex? More filters? Maps? Many vizzes? Many more marks than others? Expansive filter lists?  Erratic/rapid clicking required to reproduce the error?  What is unique about those vizzes affected the most?
                      • Are certains times of the day disproportionately affected?  Is the network under stress when this issue is seen the most?  Are people using a VPN from home in the evening?  Were there any latencies noted by network IT during the reported error times?
                      • Are some browsers disproportionately affected?  Which? What version? Have they tried others or upgraded their current browsers?
                      • Is your Production instance affected but your Test or QA instance is not?  Start noting differences and discuss with support.  If possible restore your production backup to Test, switch dns records to Test and see if users accessing Test as the 'Production' server can still reproduce.  Is there less contention for hardware resources in the Test system?


                      I could go on, but perhaps this has given you an idea of some things to think about and a notion of how difficult such generic errors are to troubleshoot.  This error is often traced back to fixable things like workbook design, network latency or browser versions.  This can be a demanding error to resolve and your help can get us across the finish line.

                      Thank you for your help in making our software better.