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    How to find the attribute with lowest score and then blend on that attribute

    Siraj Samsudeen

      In the following table, I am trying to find the attribute with the lowest Net score % and then display a recommendation from the 'Attribute master' data source column called 'Recommendation'.

      Full Table.JPG

      Here, in the table above, Attribute I has the lowest score. The recommendation for this attribute will come from the Attribute Master file as shown below. Hence, I want to display 'Improve Attribute I in Group 3' in a dashboard.


      Reco column.JPG

      To do this, these are the steps that I have followed:


      1. I have created a Window Min of the Net Score % column.

      Net Score % - Window Min=WINDOW_MIN([Net Score %])


      2. I have created a calc field that returns the attribute with the lowest score

      Attribute with lowest score = IF [Net Score %] == [Net Score % - Window Min] THEN ATTR([Attribute]) END


      3. Then I have built the view 'Output Report' where I want to display the Reco text. I have created a duplicate copy of the Attribute master so that I can blend on the 'Attribute' in Attribute with 'Attribute with lowest score' by renaming the column. But this is where I am stuck. If I place recommendation on text and place Attribute on detail, this is the view I get. But I want this view to show only the recommendation for Attribute I which is 'Improve Attribute I in Group 3'. Any idea how I can achieve this?

      Output report with reco.JPG