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    onFirstInteractive event

    Dean Olynyk

      I'm allowing users to switch between worksheets in a workbook via



      Both worksheets look similar, however the metrics are different.  The users are able to filter other vizzes on the worksheet via selecting marks (one to many) on some of them.  Tableau saves the mark-selections so that when a user comes back, they show what had been selected prior.


      After .activateSheetAsync('x') I then:

           .then(function() { DoSomeFilter(); });


      This filter function reads the currently selected marks and uses them to the worksheet.  As some of you can guess, this function call reads what has been selected in the 'old' worksheet and not the newly activated sheet.


      Is there an event I can subscribe to that tells me when a sheet has been fully activated?  CUSTOM_VIEW_LOAD only happens on initial load, TAB_SWITCH happens immediately on the activate call.