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    Data Connection (repeated system errors)

    J P


      My question:

      I am getting repeated errors trying to import my excel dataset. I have already downloaded the driver. The error is “Error 4: Simple Database::Create Table”. I have searched everywhere and I don’t know what this means. I proceeded to analyze the data despite the error and the next day I found that the graphs would not pull up in the worksheet.

      AND BTW:


      The online tutorial makes uploading the dataset to Tableau appear like it will be so easy, yet in reality connecting to a data source is likely be fraught with potential technical problems. This is not addressed in Tableaus' support apparatus as far as I can tell. There should be a log of the different errors that can occur with Tableau on the site with the action to take, but this doesn't seem to exist. I am not impressed at all with Tableaus' system of technical support.