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    Exclude weekends and holidays

    Alexis Jasinski

      I've come across another issue in Tableau. I am trying to count the number of working days between two dates. I used the following calculation which works, however it still includes holidays.


      ([Date Complete]-[Date Received])-


      (DATEDIFF('year',[Date Received], [Date Complete]))>=1


      (2*((DATEPART('week', [Date Received]) + 52*DATEDIFF('year',[Date Received], [Date Complete])) - DATEPART('week', [Date Received])))


      (2*(DATEPART('week', [Date Complete]) -DATEPART('week', [Date Received])))



      I also have another data sources I have connected to that determines business days and holidays, but I'm not sure how to successfully connect the two sources.