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    Help: Server Admin Understanding What Users Are Seeing?

    Fiona Gordon

      Hi All,


      Long time reader, first time posting!  Firstly, I can't believe how fortunate Tableau are to have such a great user community!  It's incredible to search through the responses, so far all of the questions I've had have been answered without having to write a single post - it's insane!!!!


      This week we've launched Tableau to an extended audience who are lapping it up!  "Awesome" is how they describe it, which is exactly how I felt when I first started mucking around with it!  It's so flexible


      That said...  one of the things I'm finding a bit tougher (now that we have 80 users) is understanding what they are seeing on their screen as some of them work in different states.  In particular, I'm trying to understand how they have customised the dashboards and then perhaps what they have scheduled.


      I do have a dashboard that we've been given and we've customised to view additional information using postgre,  is this something that I should investigate to develop further to give me a URL action to take me to their dashboard? Or, (IT folk will hate this) should I continue use their logins to debug?