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    Reconfiguring verbatims for visualization

    Susan Baier

      I have verbatims that I'd like to visualize similar to a word cloud. Because Tableau's packed bubbles text approach looks at the entire content of a verbatim response (as opposed to parsing out the individual words) I need to get my verbatims into a single column of individual words.


      Anybody have quick tricks for doing this? I'm finding it a huge pain in the **** to do it manually. Other approaches to "word cloud" by individual word in Tableau would be welcome!



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          Mark Schar

          Hi Susan - Good question. Did you ever get an answer.  I've got a survey with 7K respondents and about 5K of them responded to an open ended question.  I'd love to put them in a Word Cloud (and filter out the 100 most common words) and have it change based on other variables, like gender or grade or location.  The data is in an Excel spreadsheet with Respondent number and then the verbatim response, which is a series of words.  Tableau doesn't read them as individual words, rather as one long text string.  My guess is that the responses need to get translated into a series of test strings, then pivoted.  But I'm not sure.


          Did you ever crack this?